Delivery & Installation

Boston Wall Beds' professional staff provides a complete local                 in-house service, from custom design to manufacturing, to delivery and installation.

While our factory-direct pricing includes delivery and complete installation in the Greater Boston Area, we also serve the rest of New England and most of the Northeast, including MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT, NY, and NJ.

All beds and cabinets can also be shipped in separate boxes, ready to be assembled with complete instructions, anywhere in the continental U.S.

For details please contact us at 781-413-6170 or by email at [email protected]


All our wall beds are free standing!  We DO NOT anchor the bed down into your finished floor (like Murphy Beds and all other similar systems), but we only secure it to the wall.  This is a great benefit as it allows you to move or remove your bed at any time in the future, without having to refinish your floor.

Our beds can be added to any finished room, right against the wall.  Should you prefer, they can also be built into the wall.

Please see extensive photo gallery for examples.

   Every single installation is done by our own crew...



   And delivered by our own trucks...look out for one in your neighborhood!