Boston Wall Beds

"A smart space saving solution"

** Wall Beds and Custom-Designed Storage Furniture **

  Need More Space?   

Our unique wall bed system instantly turns your room into a multi-functional space.  Because it is free-standing, it can be added to any room just like a beautiful piece of furniture.  It can even be moved if you ever decide to use it elsewhere.

Best of all - it's all custom-made and we install it for you! 

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"By far the most brilliant idea for a guest room, home office, studio/condo, apartment, finished basement, kids room or college dorm!"

This very attractive and clever space saving solution can be added at any time to any finished room, just like some beautiful furniture, right against the wall.

It can also be mounted for you right into the wall during new construction or as part of a renovation project.

And best of all, it is all custom made in our own factory to perfectly fit your space as well as your budget! 




Boston Wall Beds only specializes in wall bed systems - commonly referred to as...

"Murphy Beds"

Unlike other New England-based vendors who recently started offering wall beds (outsourced from other companies) along with their closet systems, Boston Wall Beds - the name says it all - has only been selling wall beds from the very beginning.  And all our wall beds are proudly made in North America!  Of course all our wall beds are fully modular and can be "dressed" with some additional cabinets, bookcases, dressers, and even a built-in desk.  And all of this can be added to any room, at any time, just like a piece of furniture - right against the wall!

Manufactured since 1986 by the largest wall bed manufacturer in North America, our systems are sold in the United States, Canada and Europe.  All our products are custom-made and manufactured to the highest standards.

Our wall beds are offered to you Factory Direct!

While our professional cabinet makers offer a wide selection of custom styles and finishes, our Boston Wall Beds consultants are proud to provide a complete in-house service, from custom design to delivery and complete installation - all at the highest standards.

Please contact us at 781-413-6170 or [email protected] for detailed information and an e-catalog.

We would rather dress up your room with an attractive piece of furniture than drill down into your beautiful floor to attach some kind of bed frame! 

It is said that "what goes up must come down".  However, the opposite is true when it comes to Boston Wall Beds.  The beauty of the structure is when it comes down.  But after a good night sleep, it goes right back up and blends perfectly into your interior.  Should you have room for additional features or a need for storage, the bed may be dressed with beautiful cabinetry that can include shelving, drawers, closets, a wardrobe or even a desk. 

Unlike other similar systems that are permanently anchored down into your floor (reason why they often hide behind closet doors), our proprietary bed mechanisms are mounted inside the bed enclosure, leaving the furniture "free-standing", yet safely secured to the wall.  This unique concept even allows you to relocate your bed at any time - without having to refinish your floor!
And thanks to our unique adjustable mechanisms, all our beds can accommodate any standard mattress, regardless of its weight.  This makes our wall beds as comfortable as regular beds!

For complete information or to order,

please call 781-413-6170 or email us at [email protected]

* We Proudly Design and Custom-Build All Our Systems in North America *